Trias Digital Technology is one of the largest game content providing studio in Western China with business credibility, stable financial status and highly disciplined teams dedicated to pushing the limits of quality, creativity and productivity in the world of game art production. 

Established in 2010, Chengdu Trias Digital Technology Co.,Ltd was built by a core team of 13 members who possessing rich experience on enterprise management, technical field, production management. Along with experience accumulation on the overseas outsourcing demand, our artist team has improved a lot for their production capabilities and skills, especially focusing on AAA-grade games.

Nowadays, Trias has blossomed into a team with 85 members. We have cooperated with several Top-Rated game developers in domestic and overseas by offering 2D, 3D , Next-gen art assets with high quality .



  What a week! More than 70,000 video game professionals, analysts, and journalists attended Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 events.

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  •   What a week! More than 70,000 video game professionals, analysts, and journalists attended Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016 events.

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  •   Game Developers Conference kicks off again! GDC is one of the most important game industry events of the year. Trias Digital Technology, a game developer in the China. As we have attended in this big party many times, there we shared some practical tips so first timers have a

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  •   Early in 2015 tech adviser Digi-Capital estimated the virtual and augmented reality markets would hit $150 billion in revenue by the year 2020, with AR taking the majority of the money.

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  •   GDC 2016 is just a few weeks away. As usual, Triascg is going to attend the important meeting. Not forgetting the party! If you are interested in attending this event, drop me a message asap!

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  •   Game content: according to the company's corporate culture, philosophy: (technology as the root, honesty, professional and efficient, mutual benefit and win-win); spirit: (target, passion, perseverance, excellence); mission: (digital art makes us more wonderful).

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  •   XDS (External Development Summit) is the first professionals-only video games industry event with a primary focus on external development for art, animation and software engineering.

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  •   As a leading outsourcing company in China, We are honored to have our AAA German game developer for a site visited.

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  •   Our Business Manager comes to GDC Taiwan for game conference. The purpose of this trip is to meet with some new industry friend and in touch with existing ones. Look forward to meet you all there.

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  •   The purpose of this trip is to introduce our company service to worldwide game developers. So if you are visiting GDC 2013, why not get in touch and come and say hello in person. From Mar. 25-29th, you’ll be able to find us at the Moscone Center – South Hall.

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